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Ductile Iron Strainers

Construction: Bolted Cover.
Pressure Class: PN10 - PN40.
Size Range: DN80 - DN1200.
Connection Ends: RF.
Main Materials: GGG50 - Ductile Iron.
Filtration: 3mm as standard. 5mm available on request.


 ​Datasheet 22 – Fig 97 - PN10/16 Basket Strainer

 ​Datasheet 37 – Fig CP58 PN16 - ANSI 150 Y Strainer

Kaysafe Engineering Limited manufacture a full range of ductile iron basket and Y-type strainers. This section details strainers generally used on in-line filtration bolted between two counter-flanges. They are typically used as a protective measure against damage to instruments such as pumps or flow meters.
Sizes available are from DN80 – DN1200. They are available in PN10/16/25/40 or Drilled Class 150 and 300, and only as Flanged RF.